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The Power of Influence

"You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” - Jim Rohn

As driven Real Estate Entrepreneurs, we prioritize personal & professional growth… and before we know it, a gap forms between ourselves and many of those around us. As time goes on, we come to realize we’re surrounded by people who no longer view life the same way we do.

Five Pillars was created for the go-getters. For those who want to build, grow, and impact on micro and macro levels. Those who want deep conversations, authentic relationships, and an environment to thrive with like-minded people.

Five Pillars is a community where you can share your successes, struggles, ambitions, and failures without being judged, and get feedback from people who get it. It’s the framework to becoming a better agent, investor, business owner, leader, and human. It’s the place we come together to BE MORE.



Five Pillars is a community of Real Estate Business Owners.

We share all the perks of a traditional Team — systems, training, support, camaraderie —
with none of the splits or restrictions.  

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Five Pillars of Business

We use a legitimate business framework designed to build a repeatable, scalable machine (instead of a pain-in-the-ass side hustle gone wrong).

  • Bedrock:  Vision, strategy, company development.
  • Marketing:  Brand awareness & lead generation.
  • Sales:  Nurturing & converting leads into contracts.
  • Operations:  Contract to close, processes/procedures.
  • Finances:  Money management.  

Five Pillars of Identity

 We believe that progress within your business starts by embracing the journey to become the best version of your self… change starts from within.

#1 – We embrace challenges.

Mediocrity is reserved for the masses. We lean into what’s difficult, because struggling, enduring and overcoming is what transforms us into who we want to be. We ignore the voice in our heads listing all the reasons why we shouldn’t, because we value growth over comfort. We are lions, not sheep.

#2 – We welcome feedback.

Feedback is not criticism, it’s a cheat code towards self-awareness. Without it, we’re choosing to live with serious blind spots, caring more about our egos than progress. But with it, we reflect, adjust and improve. We want the truth.

#3 – We accept responsibility.

What happens or fails to happen is entirely up to us. Problems come up? What could WE have done differently. Don’t like how things are? How can WE change them. A solutions-first mindset with no room for blaming or complaining is what we’re about. We own our lives.

#4 – We are anti-fragile.

A resilient person withstands the storm. An anti-fragile person grows stronger because of it. We accept the reality of our setbacks, learn from them, and evolve. We don’t coddle ourselves or others and refuse to play victim. We are stronger than yesterday.

#5 – We stay the course.

Nothing worth a damn happens overnight. We value the process over immediate results and are committed to the long run. Instant gratification and shiny objects are the enemy. Consistency over time wins. We’re here to stay.

Your journey to BE MORE starts here.