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When I joined in 2019, I didn’t care about eXp Revenue Share. I was way too focused on building out my traditional, high-split Team. But over time, I came to realize that a traditional team wasn’t what I wanted.

The stars aligned in August of 2021, when I was invited to a seminar in Puerto Rico where people were making 6-7 figures per MONTH in Rev Share… Life changing money.

It was an eye-opening experience for me and gave me the solution to my longevity problem — the Rev Share model allowed me to keep all the best parts of my traditional team without keeping the massive overhead and stress.

In this article, I’ll break down what Rev Share is, how it works, and how to estimate your potential earnings. First off…

Winning Keller Williams Rookie of the year NC & SC 2018
Receiving the 2019 Keller Williams Rookie of the Year for NC & SC

What is eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Program?

eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Program (Rev Share) is designed to reward eXp realty agents for sponsoring new agents to join the brokerage.

When that new agent closes a transaction, eXp distributes a portion of the brokerage’s income back to the sponsoring agent.

“Rev Share” is literally the brokerage sharing its revenue with the agents who are responsible for the company’s growth.

It’s a passive income stream for the sponsoring agents, on top of their regular commissions, which can be a game-changer for many real estate professionals. I know it was for me: In 2022, I made $51,555.67 from Rev Share alone.

If you’re curious about how much Rev Share you might be able to bring in, play with the calculator below.

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eXp Revenue Share Calculator

Just plug in the following:

  • Number of agents in your downline (“downline” = the agents who you’ve sponsored into eXp)
  • Average number of transactions, annually
  • Average home price
  • Average commission percentage

The calculator will spit out an estimate of your potential monthly revenue share earnings.

Disclaimer: Only 35% of the agents in my downline produce, because in the past I’ve attracted real estate investors who get their licenses on the side, and don’t work as agents.

Interested in joining a brokerage that helps you increase your passive income? Talk to me about joining eXp Realty.

Disclaimer: Results may be inaccurate based on each agent’s performance and ability to become an FLQA. This calculator assumes all FLAs are FLQAs.

Check out how much eXp Realty’s Revenue Share paid to it’s agents in 2022

How does eXp Revenue Share work?

When an eXp agent closes a transaction, there’s an 80/20 split — 80% to the agent, 20% to eXp (until the agent hits their cap, but that’s a story for another day).

Of the 20% that goes to eXp, a portion is distributed back to that agent’s sponsor, their sponsor’s sponsor, their sponsor’s, sponsor’s, sponsor and so on… 7 tiers up.

This is eXp’s way of saying thank you to the agents responsible for bringing a producing agent into the firm.

How much can you make in Rev Share?

The amount of revenue share you earn depends on these 2 things:

  • Front Line Qualifying Agents (FLQAs)
  • The total # of producing agents in your downline

Let’s break it down even further…

What is an FLQA or Front Line Qualifying Agent?

An FLQA, or Front Line Qualified Agent, is an agent you have personally sponsored who has earned $5,000 in GCI within the past 6 months. If 6 months go by without another $5,000 in GCI, they will revert back to an FLA, losing their ‘qualified’ status.

The agents that you sponsor directly are your FLA or Front Line Agents. These are the agents on your first 1st tier.

FLQAs are the most important part of Rev Share because they unlock tiers within your downline, which allows you to earn far more.

How do Rev Share Tiers work?

Your Front Line (Tier 1) always remains unlocked, no matter how many ‘qualified’ agents you have, and allows you to earn 3.5% of each agent’s first $80,000 in GCI. This equates to $2,800 per capping agent in your front line.

Tiers 2-7 each have a locked and an unlocked version. Check out the chart below for the earning potential of each tier.

The cool thing? Even if your tiers are locked, eXp will still pay you a small amount (they call it your ‘expansion share’). Once you unlock the tier, it’s called your ‘exponential share’.

You might be saying, wait a second… how do you get agents on tiers 2-7? Glad you asked. When an agent on your Front Line sponsors an agent, you’ve now gained an agent on your second line. And so on, 7 tiers deep.

Below is a chart showing potential annual earnings per agent per tier.

eXp Realty Revenue Share Chart

(eXp’s specifics on Rev Share)

Why did eXp implement Revenue Sharing?

I was fortunate enough to sit in on a Zoom meeting with the founder and CEO of eXp Realty, Glenn Sanford. I’m writing this from memory, so it will be roughly 80% accurate.

In the midst of the 2008 financial crisis, Glenn Sanford was the owner of multiple Keller Williams Franchises. For those of you who don’t know, Keller Williams has a ‘profit-sharing’ model. He had attracted over 100 realtors. At that amount, his profit share should’ve been enough to keep him afloat during retirement. Impressive… Right?

Due to the real estate market halting, his profit share dwindled to NOTHING. From that point forward, he said if he ever built a brokerage, he would implement a revenue-sharing model.

eXp Realty and Rev share was born!

This is only possible through the low overhead advantage of a cloud-based real estate brokerage.

Final thoughts on eXp Realty’s Revenue Share program

eXp Realty’s Revenue Share Program offers a super dope opportunity for real estate agents to earn passive income while helping to grow the company. I completely changed my ‘team’ to a revenue share team. If you are interested in joining eXp and our community, Schedule a call with me.

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